Evidence from Bhai Gurdas ji di war, writer of Sri Guru granth Sahib ji.

Dr. Zakir Naik once questioned and objected on turning of Kaaba by Guru Nanak ji. (Many others also object and say that non Muslims could never enter Mecca but they forget in 16th century, it was a desrted town and Guru Nanak ji was in guise of Muslim.

I may clear his doubts and all other curios readers that Kaaba has also turned thrice not only once  before visit of Guru Nanak ji.


An eyewitness account based on the diary of an Arabic writer who accompanied him

Babania Kahania – Translator’s Note

During Guru Nanak’s journeys in the Middle East, a local author, Taajudin Naqshabandhi, joined Guru Nanak and remained with him for roughly one-and-a-half to two years. Taajudin documented his time with Guru Nanak in great detail. Four centuries later, a young man from Kashmir, Syed Mushtaq Hussain, chanced upon Taajudin’s handwritten manuscript while studying to become an Islamic scholar. This manuscript changed Mushtaq’s life. He converted to Sikhism and went on to become the renowned Sant Syed Prithipal Singh.

In the absence of any facility available for copying the book in facsimile, Mushtaq Hussain took notes from Taajudin’s manuscript. He also took notes from another book, Twarikh-e-Arab, written by Khwaja Jainul Abdin, a Muslim author who also accompanied Guru Nanak during his travels to Mecca. Mushtaq’s notes later formed the basis of the Punjabi book,

Khwaja Jainul Abdin, the author of Tarikhe Arab, wrote the first-person account of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Arabian journey. In his Arabic book, he writes, “I was with Guru Nanak Dev Ji when Guru Ji met Qazi (an Islamic religious judge) Rukn-ud-din.” As they came face-to-face, Rukn-ud-din offered his Salam, and the Guru replied, “Sat Shri Akal, Gurbar Akal” (The Lord immortal is the sole truth; the all-powerful timeless God). Rukn-ud-din asked, “Fala Alla Mazahbu,” meaning “which religion do you belong to?” The response was, “Abdulla Allah La Mazahabu,” meaning “I am God’s servant; I have no religion.”


Bhai Gurdas ji gives account of visit of Baba Nanak at Mecca.

His sixth sense immediately warned him that this man is no ordinary person. And then he bowed before Guru Nanak.


Many Muslims take offense with the reference that Jeevan (Qazi Rukunudin) saw the Kaaba move as he moved Guru Nanak’s feet to point them in a direction away from Kaaba. They claim that this could not have happened. However, there are many famous references in Islam which talk about the Kaaba moving.

1*****Hazrat Iban writes in his book Fatuhat Makih that he saw the Kaaba rise to crush him when he thought inappropriate thoughts about the Kaaba during the Hajj (Israr Shariat, part 2, page 74)

2*****Rabia, when passing through a forest on her way to the Hajj for the second time, saw the Kaaba coming towards her to welcome her. Rabia said, I was hoping to see God. I have no need for God’s house. If he were to walk towards me a length of a hand, I will advance a yard towards him. What do I do with the Kaaba? This doesn’t please me.

3*****Hazrat Ibrahim Azam went to Mecca, and was surprised to see the Kaaba missing. He thought his eyesight was failing him. He heard a voice which said, “there is nothing wrong with your eyesight, the Kaaba has gone to welcome a lady who is too feeble to walk to the Hajj” (Tazkiratul Awliayah, page 62).

I may remind you that When Mohammad Sahib was proclaimed to be the last prophet, his wife Aisha protested and said to people, “say that he is the ‘seal of prophets’ but do not say there is no prophet after him.”

♣….About a  Hindu devotee Bhagat Namdev, it’s said that when he recited Lord’s name and turned his face in any direction, the DEODI, entrance of temple turned towards that direction wherever he turned his face.

A holy hymn in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji narrates this historical evidence as JION JION NAAMA HAR GUN UCHRE BHAGAT JNA KAO DEHURA PHIRE !!

♣…..AND IN RAMAYANA, THE MOTHER SITA WHEN CRIED AND PRAYED TO MOTHER EARTH, a gorge was suddenly appeared, Sita entered in it and then it disappeared. That also proves that the nature is under control of devotees or the Godman and works at their will.

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